Fun Activities To Play With A Companion Who Is Tied

Binding a sexual partner is a rare and intriguing deed. Furthermore, the bonding procedure can be turned into a game, making it easier to carry out the strategy. Shackling one of the participants is appropriate in a variety of personal situations. Three of the more straightforward choices are presented in this article. With a little imagination, they can be transformed into a variety of interesting episodes.

Police Officer and Inmate

One of the partners will be the caught violation, while the other will be the law enforcement officer. The person who has been arrested has been handcuffed. He also has a strong want to use the restroom. To do so, you must first exit the jail and free yourself from the chains. And it is at this point that bargaining begins: the cop demands some special attention, such as oral sex, and only then will he be released.

Erotic play can be amusing or quite offensive. As an added bonus, the prisoner may be humiliated. And achieving the intended result does not imply that the shackles will be removed.

What’s the best way to go about it? First and foremost, you’ll require police uniforms and handcuffs. You can also take a special baton if you want to. The game does not require a special location to be played; it can be played in an average flat.


One of the game’s participants was kidnapped and bound to a chair. Tape or rope is used to secure the hands and feet. The second partner is a guard who refuses to feed or drink the kidnapped. You can also build a gag for the tied person so that he is unable to speak or make sounds.

What Are The Rules Of The Game? 

An ideal alternative is to use special tape for a binding that is painless to remove. A bondage rope or a gag including leather handcuffs may also suffice. It is recommended to tie the knot while sitting in a chair.

Connect with one another

Participants are tethered to each other for 6 to 12 hours using a single rope. The wrists and ankles are intertwined. Furthermore, the lace’s length is less than 3 meters. And everything will have to be done at the same time: going to the restroom, eating, and going to bed.

What is required?

A lengthy chain connects the rope or bracelets. A collection of intimate toys, preferably with a large number of them – this is much more exciting. Special massage oils and stimulating lotions can also be used to complement and enhance the game.

Other games you can construct with tying include:

  • A tribesman’s woman is kidnapped by a wild caveman.
  • The refusal of a pimp and a “moth” to work;
  • Sultan and the harem’s recalcitrant slave.

All you have to do is switch on your imagination and let go of your doubts, and a plethora of sexual scenarios will appear in your head, ready to be implemented in a sex store with the help of special binding and sexy clothing accessories.

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