5 Reasons To Pretend To Be A Mistress

For numerous reasons, women become the mistresses of married men. What are the benefits of having a “second woman” in your life?

The Influence Of The First Date

Every new lovers’ rendezvous, especially a secret one, feels like the first passionate date. Because they have a marriage stamp in their passports, this husband and wife see each other every day. And lovers meet because they are drawn to each other physically.

A passionate romance for future couples gradually develops into a chain of commitments. The candy-bouquet phase can last an eternity for lovers. No matter how old you are. This wife only hears the word “love” from her husband for the first couple of years of their marriage. Every encounter, the mistress hears her partner’s kindest remarks.


Of course, girls who go out of their way to keep ladies for wealthy rich guys are a different issue. However, women who are too preoccupied with their work to start a family are frequently mistresses of “married men.”

An affair with a married man, on the other hand, is exactly that. Meetings may not be held on a daily basis, but at a time that is convenient for both parties. Most significantly, no one owes anyone anything and no one’s independence is encroached upon. If anything, let’s disperse easily and happily, as they say. As though they were ships at sea.

“Everyday life” is lacking.

Domestic dysfunction and daily challenges that couples must manage owing to their responsibilities eventually kill many families. Life has no meaning for lovers. “Absolutely” is derived from the word “absolutely.”

The lover is not required to pay his partner a wage, nor is she required to wash her friend’s clothes, clean the apartment, or prepare daily lunches and dinners for him. Couples are not burdened by shared mortgages, children, or other difficulties that can derail a relationship’s intimacy.

At its peak, intimacy

It’s no secret that with time, a couple’s bedding connection cools and sensations become bland. This is not the case for lovers. Secret partners don’t get together only to talk about their lives.

They meet because they are attracted to one other physically. As a result, they get really hot in bed. Furthermore, they see one other on a regular basis.

In favor of a new life, compare

After failing to marry themselves, women can become mistresses of married men. They fight with their now-ex-husband on a daily basis. Their mother-in-intrigues laws are behind them, as she has never welcomed her daughter-in-law into her home.

A lady, at least for a while, does not want to tread on the same rake after such family life. As a result, she likes a partner who will provide her pleasure in bed while without infringing on her privacy.

After attempting to play the part of a married guy’s lover, a woman regards her current status as far superior to that of a married man.

It is obvious that one cannot remain a mistress indefinitely. Even after a failed marriage, a woman will have to enter the same water again at some point. But that is exactly what will happen someday. Many women love the sensation of being in the present moment. Even if they are classified as a “second woman.”

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